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 Bus Number

 Years Owned


 1958 GM TDH5106 



 Ex Bee Line (Nassau County) #614; Kept it's Bee Line paint scheme; Around 1987 it was converted to a guard shack

 1959 GM TDH5106



 Ex Bee Line (Nassau County) #617; said to be one of the few Old Looks to be transffered to MSBA when formed in 1973; Was repainted all White; Was in service when Suffolk Transit was created; Retired in 1982 because of Mechianical problems; Brought by the driver who loved driving the bus; later given to the MTA to be preserved as it had been while at Bee Line, fate currently unkown.

 19xx GM New Look



 In service in 1985

 19xx GMC TDH4517



 Ex Unkown; Was in service as of 1994, most likely retired in 1995; Was repainted in Suffolk Transit paint scheme