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Alert Coach Lines, Inc   (11/30/1966-Present)

 Headquartered in Ronkonkoma the company is the sister company to Baumann & Sons Buses, Inc and Acme Bus Corp. Alert Coach Lines operates Coach buses for Charter Service for the school districts that their sister companies operates for. In the past Alert Coach use to operate Coach Bus service but for unspecified reasons stopped. 

 Alert Coach use to operate what is today the S1 between Amityville and Walt Whitman Mall before Suffolk Transit took over operations. Alert Coach has the distinction of being the second company to contract with Suffolk County when in 1975 Suffolk contracted them to operate the S40 after Suffolk and Nassau couldn't agree on reimbursement. In 1977 Alert Coach lost the contract because of complaints from riders about bad service, the Contract then went back to MSBA until Suffolk decided to take over all routes in 1981. Alert Coach then operated the S1, S21 and S61 for Suffolk Transit as well as 3 1981 New Fyler's and 8 1982 Gillig Phantoms, until the contract was up in 1986 at which time the routes went to EBT and Suffolk Bus Corp respectfully and the Buses went to Inter-County Motor Coach and EBT respectfully. 

Routes Operated:

S40 (1975-1977)    Not known if route was actually called S40 at that time, lost contract because of rider complaints..

S1 (1981-1985)    Lost Contract in 1985 because the county because dissatisfied with them.

S21 (1981-1989)

S61 (1981-1994) 

S63 (1978-19xx)