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Coram Bus Service, Inc (12/17/1958-12/23/1992)    (34 Years, 0 Months, and 6 Days)


     Coram Bus Service was headquartered in Coram. Besides running transit routes the company provided School Buses for the Port Jefferson School District as well as coach service to New York City. The company was extremely poor, they were so poor that if an employee was the last one to cash their check they wouldn't get paid. 

      Routes Operated:

 S56 (1981-1989)      

 S58 (1981-1989)              

 S60 (1981-1989)       

 S62 (1981-1989)

 S69 (1981-1989)

 S74 (1981-1989)          Summer only bus route.      

 5A (1981-1989)