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EBT, Inc  (3/30/1962-Present)

Headquartered in Copiague it shares the address as Bornscheuer Bus Co, Inc. The company also operates School Buses under the name Educational Bus Transportation, Inc.

In 2011 Suffolk County changed the way they bid the routes, as a result to save money. EBT's routes were combined with Inter-County Motor Coach as a way to get one operator for that area. EBT, Inc outbid Inter County Motor Coach and was awarded the routes. With the addition of Inter County Motor Coaches former routes EBT, Inc currently operates sixteen routes for Suffolk Transit, one route only operates four times a day, twice during the AM rush and twice during the PM rush. Also with the addition of the routes formerly operated by Inter-County Motor Coach the company finally received three 1999 Orion V's. They are now one of two companies to have 40ft buses. The company in now the only company to to have never received a 30 foot bus.

      Routes Operated:

S1 (1985-Present)

S20 (1981-Present)

S23 (2012-Present)

S25 (2012-Present)

S27 (2012-Present)

S29 (2012-Present)

S31 (1981-Present)

S33 (2012-Present)

S35 (2012-Present)

S41 (2015-Present)

S54 (2012-Present)

S57 (2012-2014)

S63 (2012-2014)

1A (1981-Present)

1B (1981-Present)

1C (1981-1989)

2A (2012-Present)

2B (2012-Present)