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Hampton Jitney, Inc   (4/2/1974-Present)

Headquartered in Southampton, the company also runs Coach service from their depot in the Hamptons to Manhattan. In 2006 they brought out the Coach line operated by Sunrise Coach Lines. The company also operates a Rent-A-Car service at their Depot which is also called "The Omni"

Hampton Jitney ran feeder routes in the Hamptons only until it received The Blue Coach Lines route. They operate five routes for Suffolk Transit which includes a route that only runs during the summer. Hampton Jitney is one of two companies that did not receive the 1999 Orion V's. They also are one of two companies not to receive any 1993 Flexible Metro's, however they did have one transfered from Inter-County Motor Coach, when one of their 1997 Gillig Phantoms broke down and they had no replacement. It is not know how long that Flexible Metro was at Hampton Jitney. Two buses from Sunrise Coach at kept overnight at Hampton Jitney for the first two runs of the S92 out of East Hampton.

Due to a change in how Suffolk County wanted to bid the routes, Hampton Jitney's routes were combined and bid with Sunrise Coach's routes. As a result Hampton Jitney and Sunrise Coach formed Twin Forks Transit, Inc so they could keep their routes. As a result both Hampton Jitney and Sunrise Coach are "Subcontractors" to Twin Forks Transit and operate the assign Suffolk Transit routes and buses for the company.

Routes Operated:

S90  (19xx-Present)

S94  (1981-Present)      Summer Only route.

10A  (1981-Present)

10B  (1981-Present)

10C  (1981-Present)