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Inter-County Motor Coach, Inc   (3/10/1964-10/31/2012)  (48 Years, 7 Months, and 238 Days)

         Inter-County Motor Coach is headquartered in Babylon, it is the sister company of a school bus company which it shares a yard with. It is owned by Babylon Transit, Inc and shares the same address as them. Inter-County use to run charter service from Long Island to Atlantic City, one time when a Hurricane threaten to hit Atlantic City, Inter-County worked hard to get all their customers back home safety.  After Inter-County stopped running charter service because of high insurance costs, the companies sole business was operating Buses for Suffolk County Transit. 

         In 2011 Suffolk County combined Inter County's routes with EBT's routes, meaning that only one company would win the bid. EBT, Inc outbid Inter County Motor Coach and as a result they stopped operating Suffolk Transit on  December 31, 2011. 

         Routes Operated:

 S23 (1981-2011)      

 S25 (19xx-2011)              

 S27 (1981-2011)       

 S29 (1981-2011)

 S33 (1981-2011)

 S35 (1981-2011)

 S54 (1981-2011)         

 S57 (1981-2011)

 S63 (1981-2011)       

 2A (1981-2011)

 2B (1981-2011)