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Louis A. Fuoco Bus Company, Inc    (12/21/1962-5/14/1996)    (34 Years, 5 Months, and 136 Days)

Was Headquartered in East Patchouge, the company also operated School buses for the South Country School District. They operated out of a yard located in Brookhaven besides their Headquarters. Thier Brookhaven yard was taken over by Laidlaw to provide buses for the South Country School District, and then by First Student when that company brought Laidlaw. In 2009 the South Country School District did not renew their contract with First Student, it is unknown at this time what has happen to Louis A. Fuoco's Brookhaven yard. Their headquarters is now a automotive repair shop. 

Louis A Fuoco ran what is today the S66 and a few feeder routes but it is unkown which ones. The S66 as well as their 1982 Gillig Phantom and 1982 Chance RT-50's were transferred to Suffolk Bus Corp. Their 1981 New Flyer transferred to CBS Lines, Inc.