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Suffolk Bus Corp (9/9/1946-Present)

      Headquartered in Bay Shore, the company operates 27 routes out of their Headquarters and a depot in Ronkonkoma. The company also is the sole operator of the Para Transit service known as SCAT. Suffolk Bus Corp is the sister company to Suffolk Transportation Service, Inc one of the largest School Bus Providers in the county. 

      In 1986, while all their routes and buses were run out of their headquarters in Bay Shore, a fire broke out destroying about seven county owned buses. 


      In 2011 Suffolk Bus Corp outbid CBS Lines, Inc. As a result Suffolk Bus Corp won the routes that CBS Lines had run,in some cases for over 22 years. Suffolk Bus Corp now operates nearly half the Suffolk Transit system. 

      Routes Operated:

S40 (1981-Present)       

S41 (1981-2014)       

S42 (1981-Present)       

S45 (1981-Present)       

S47 (1981-Present)       

S56 (2012-Present)  

S57 (2015-Present)    

S58 (2012-Present)       

S59 (1981-Present)       

S60 (2012-Present)       

S61 (1995-Present)       

S62 (2012-Present)

S63 (2015-Present)

S66 (19xx-Present)

S68 (1981-Present)

S69 (2012-Present)

S71 (2012-Present)

S76 (2012-Present)

S110 (2012-Present)

3A (1981-Present)        

3B (1981-Present)        

3C (1981-Present)        

3D (1983-Present)       

5A (2012-Present)

6A (1981-Present)

6B (1981-Present)

7A (1981-Present)

7B (1981-Present)

7D/E (1981-Present)