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Sunrise Coach Lines, Inc   (10/24/1946-Present)

Headquartered in Greenport the company is a sister company to Sunrise Busses, Inc that operates School Buses for the local school district. Sunrise Coach also operated Coach buses that went form the North Fork of Long Island to Manhattan. Their Coach Lines were brought out by Hampton Jitney in 2006. 

Before Suffolk Transit was formed, besides transporting passengers, Sunrise Coach also transported goods on their transit buses. The last Sunrise Coach's buses that ended in East Hampton use to use Shelter Island and the ferries that connect it to Long Island to deadhead back in to the yard instead of having to driver the 2+ hours to get from East Hampton to Greenport. There is currently no need to do this anymore since the last two buses that end in East Hampton are kept at Hampton Jitney for the first to runs of the day on the S92 out of East Hampton. In 1999 Sunrise Coach Lines were one of three companies not to receive the 1999 Orion V's, instead the company was transferred five 1996 Gillig Phantoms from CBS Lines Inc and Suffolk Bus Corp, the next year they received a 2000 Gillig Phantom Suburban because one of the 1996 Gillig's was destroyed before it could be transferred. Sunrise Coach also one of two companies that did not receive any 1993 Flexible Metro's when they arrived. Sunrise Coach is one of two companies to operate 40 foot buses, it is also the only company to have 40,35, and 30 ft buses. In 2008 Sunrise Coach recieved a few 1996 Gillig Phantoms from EBT Inc. As a result of a bus fire at Atlantic Detroit Diesel in Ronkonkoma, The 2000 Gillig Phantom Suburban was transferred back to CBS Lines Inc to replace a 2000 Gillig Phantom Suburban that was destroyed, in return Sunrise Coach was transferred a 2005 Gillig from CBS Lines.  

Due to a change in how Suffolk County wanted to bid the routes, Sunrise Coach's routes were combined and bid with Hampton Jitney's routes. As a result Sunrise Coach and Hampton Jitney formed Twin Forks Transit, Inc so they could keep their routes. As a result both Sunrise Coach and Hampton Jitney are "Subcontractors" to Twin Forks Transit and operate the assign Suffolk Transit routes and buses for the company. 

Routes Operated:

S92 (1981-Present)

8A  (1981-Present)

9A  (1981-1989)

10D/E (1981-Present)