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Twin Forks Transit, Inc (7/11/2011-Present)

The company was formed due to a change in the way Suffolk County bid the routes that were run by Sunrise Coach Lines and Hampton Jitney, as a way to save money. Since neither company has the capacity in their yards to support more buses, the two companies joined together to form Twin Forks Transit so they can keep the routes. Sunrise Coach and Hampton Jitney's names are still on the buses that they operated before the start of 2012, and they still operate the buses and pay the drivers, which means that they are now subcontractors for Twin Forks Transit.  

Routes Operated (listed as contract holder but are actually operated by subcontractors:

S90  (2012-Present)

S92  (2012-Present)

S94  (2012-Present)      Summer Only route.

8A (2012-Present)

10A  (2012-Present)

10B  (2012-Present)

10C  (2012-Present)

10D/E (2012-Present)