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CBS Lines, Inc   (7/21/1989-1/31/2013)  (23 Years, 6 Months, and 164 Days)

       Headquartered in Coram, they use the yard of the former Coram Bus Service. The Company is owned by George Semke who use to own Harran Transportation Co, Inc; and Harran Shuttle Corp. 

       Sometime between December 9th and December 10th 1990, somebody broke into their bus yard and slashed the tires on five buses. 

       On April 4th 1998 A driver for the company was stabbed while on duty at Smith Haven Mall, the driver survived the attack and would later return to work. 

       In 2011 CBS Lines was outbid by Suffolk Bus Corp for their routes, as a result after 22 years of faithful and dedicated service for Suffolk Transit, CBS Lines stop operating for Suffolk Transit on December 31, 2011.

       New York State Records show that CBS Lines, Inc was merged out on January 31st, 2013. 

       Related Companies
       Jerusalem Avenue Bus Line, Inc  (1926-1991)      *Brought by George Semke in 1968
         Harran Transportation Company, Inc.   (1949-2006)      *Stopped operating in 2006, State Records still lists the company as being active
         Harran Shuttle Corp   (1997-Present)
         New York AirBus, Ltd.  (1989-2007)

       Routes Operated:

 S56 (1989-2011)      

 S58 (1989-2011)              

 S60 (1989-2011)       

 S62 (1989-2011)

 S69 (1989-2011)

 S71 (2002-2011)

 S74 (1989-1997)          Summer only bus route, discontinued due to lack of riders.

 S76 (2005-2011)

 S110 (1993-2011)        Ran using buses owned by Sister Company Harran Transportation Co, Inc until 2000.        

 5A (1989-2011)