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 SeaShore Transit, Inc (1975-1984)

Owned by John Mensch who would also go on and form several School Bus and other Transportation Companies. in the 1970's the company took over the Patchouge to Coram route but it didn't generate enough money so Mr. Mench appealed to Suffolk County to subsidize the route in order to keep it running. By 1978 the County was subsidizing the route and it was called the S61 which at the time only went from Patchouge to Coram. In 1977 they were one of the three companies and a Government Agencies offering to take over the Patchouge to Smith Haven Mall and Sayville route from the Four Seasons Bus Company. The others were Alert Coach Lines, Suffolk Coach, and MSBA

Routes Operated:

S61 (1978-19xx)

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