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Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority AKA MTA Long Island Bus (1/151973-12/31/2011)  (38 Years, 11 Months, and 323 Days)

              Headquartered in Nassau County, it was formed to take over the routes run by Nassau County's private operators. The system has been solely operated by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). It was announced in 2011 that Nassau County will change operators as well as change the name of their system starting on New Years day. Besides taking over all the routes in Nassau, the MTA took over all the private Operators uses as well as bringing in some buses from their New York City operations. In 1995 the trading name was changed to Long Island Bus.  In 1973 Suffolk County contracted with MSBA to run the S40 which was the last leg of a route that was run by a Nassau operator, there for becoming the first the first ever bus contractor Suffolk contracted with to run bus service. Two years later Suffolk and MSBA parted ways because of a funding dispute between Nassau and Suffolk Counties, after Three years of complaints from riders about bad service on the S40 by the operating company selected to take over for MSBA, Suffolk County decided to contract with MSBA again. MSBA ran the S40 until 1981 when Suffolk County decided to do what Nassau did and took over all the routes run by the private companies in the county. The S40 was transferred to Suffolk Bus Corp who continues to operate it. 

              In 1994 the system was renamed MTA Long Island Bus.

             After a funding dispute between Nassau County and the MTA, Nassau decided to pick another company to run the system, Nassau pick Veolia in June 2011. Starting New Years Day 2012 the system will be called NICE (Nassau Inter-County Express)

            Current NICE Bus Roster

            Retired MSBA Bus Roster

              Routes Operated:

    S40 (1973-1975,1977-1981)        *Unknown if S40 was used at that time, First Contractor of Bus Service for Suffolk County.


             Routes Operated for Nassau County

          N1       (1973-2011)
          N2       (1973-2011)


          N3       (1973-2010)

          N4       (1973-2011)

          N6       (1973-2011)

          N8       (1973-2011)

          N14     (1973-2011)

          N15     (1973-2011)

          N16     (1973-2011)

          N17     (1973-2010)

          N19     (1973-2011)

          N20     (1973-2011)

          N21     (1973-2011)

          N22     (1973-2011)

          N22A   (1973-2011)

          N23     (1973-2011)

          N24     (1973-2011)

          N25     (1973-2011)

          N26     (1973-2011)

          N27     (1973-2011)

          N28     (1980's-2010)

          N31     (1973-2011)

          N32     (1973-2011)

          N33     (1973-2011)

          N35     (1973-2011)

          N36     (1973-2011)

          N37     (1973-2009, Combined with the N35)

          N40     (1973-2011)

          N41     (1973-2011)

          N43     (2003-2011)

          N45     (1973-2011)

          N46     (1982-2011)

          N47     (1973-2011)

          N48     (1973-2011)

          N49     (1973-2011)

          N50     (1982-2011)

          N51     (1973-2011)

          N52     (2002-2007, Combined with the N53)

          N53     (2002-2010)

          N54     (1973-2011)

          N55     (1973-2011)

          N57     (1973-2011)

          N58     (1973-2011)

          N62     (1973-2011)

          N65     (1973-2010, School Days Only)

          N66     (1973-2010, School Days Only)

          N67#1 (1973-1975)

          N67#2 (19xx-2010, School Days Only)
          N69     (1973-1984)

          N70     (1982-2011)

          N71     (1973-2011)

          N72     (1973-2011)

          N73     (1973-2011)

          N74     (1973-2011)

          N78     (1973-2011)

          N79     (1973-2011)

          N80     (1973-2011)

          N81     (1973-2011)

          N87     (1973-2010)

          N88     (1973-2011)

          N90     (19xx-2003)

          N91     (199x-2003)
          N92     (19xx-????)

          N93     (199x-2010)
          N94     (199x-2010)

          N95     (199x-2010)