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1973 - The S40 becomes the first Contracted route when Suffolk County (N.Y) contracts with MSBA (Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority), who had just taken over all the private bus routes in Nassau County, to run the route.

1975 - MSBA leaves as operator of the S40 after Suffolk County was unwilling to reimburse Nassau County, Suffolk County then Contracts with Alert Coach Lines to operate the service.

1977 - After two years of complaints about bad service provided on the S40 by Alert Coach Lines, Suffolk County again contracts out the route to MSBA, who will run the route until 1981 when Suffolk Transit is formed. 

12/17/1978 - The Suffolk County Legislature refuses to fund a County-wide bus system, they also stop funding to a Brentwood-Central Islip bus program known as Dial-A-Ride. 

1980-1981 - Suffolk Transit was formed by the Suffolk County (N.Y) Legislature to create a system that had one uniformed fare, and an easy way to transfer between routes, before the creation of Suffolk Transit all the routes that were run in Suffolk County were owned and run by many different bus companies which charged different fares and did not except transfers. The Fare for the new service is $0.50, the Handicapped and Elderly fare is $0.10, Suffolk also buys second hand buses to help start service.

8/1981 - Suffolk Transit receives their first bus order of New Flyer D901A 35102C.

1982 - Suffolk Transit orders 31 Gillig Phantom 3596TB's, and 37 Chance RT52's. It is the start of a twenty-three year on and off again relationship between the Suffolk County and Gillig Corporation.

1983 - Suffolk Transit fare is $0.75, Suffolk Transit is also audited by then Suffolk County Comptroller Joseph Caputo, A route from Smith Haven Mall to Brentwood Railroad Station is created and called 3D

1986 - Three operators do not return as operators of Suffolk Transit
1/16/1986 - A fire at the operator of one of Suffolk Transit's operators depots destroys 1981 New Flyer's #800-802, 1982 Gillig Phantom 35TB102 #818, 1969 GMC T6H4521 #528, and 1975 Flxible 45096-6-1 #828.
1987 - Suffolk Transit's third order for buses which went to Gillig for more 35TB102 Phantom's.

8/17/1989 - Suffolk Transit proposes to eliminate 11 (S57,S66,1C,2A,6A,7D,7E,8A,9A,10D,10E) routes for the next year, only two routes of the 11 are still eliminated. Suffolk Transit also propose a $0.10 fare increase, because the County had a budget deficit. 
5/31/1990 - A Suffolk Transit Bus was involved in a deadly accident in Medford

12/1990 - Suffolk Transit raises fares from $1.15 to $1.25, rejects the idea of raising fares any higher, again because he County had a budget deficit 

12/9 - 12/10/1990 - Someone breaks into the yard of a Suffolk Transit operator and slashes the tires on five buses
1/1/1991 - Suffolk Transit ordered Seven Gillig Phantom 40TB102, and sixteen Gillig Phantom 35TB102's.
4/1991 - Suffolk Transit approves a $0.25 fare increase

7/14/1993 - It was proposed that there be two bus routes that run in the HOV lane of the LIE.

8/1993 - Twenty-seven Flexible Metro D 30096's are delivered to Suffolk Transit, 17 1982 Chance RT50's, 1 1982 Gillig Phantom, 5 1981 New Fyler's, and some second hand brought buses are retired.

9/1993 - An Article appears in the New York Times about Suffolk County's lack of service for the disabled

1994 - Suffolk Transit starts SCAT with five retrofitted buses from the 27 buses retired in 1993, Suffolk Transit gives a bus to Suffolk County Police Department. 

1995 - A 1987 Gillig Phantom 35102TB burns, 9 1982 Chance RT-50's, 11 1981 New Fylers, and some second hand brought buses are retired. 

1996 - Suffolk Transit orders forty-four Gillig Phantom 35TB102's

1/1996 - Suffolk Starts Express service using the LIE HOV lane called 110 Clipper, which runs 12 times a day.
1997 - Suffolk Transit orders sixteen Gillig Phantom 30TB96's

7/1/1997 - Suffolk Transit announces the possible elimination of two bus routes
1998 - The Third and last time eliminating a route, Suffolk Transit moves the bus stop at the Port Jefferson Shopping Center on  Cherub Lane, a few feet, from across the street of the Bowling alley to the the Cherub Lane exit of the Shopping Center, Suffolk Transit also ban buses from cutting behind the Shopping center to serve the bus stop
4/4/1998 - A driver for a operator for Suffolk Transit was stabbed while arguing with a drunken passenger at Smith Haven Mall, the driver is the only to date to have been stabbed while on duty in the history of Suffolk Transit

4/28/1998- Suffolk County sues all six operators of Suffolk Transit over ownership of the routes.

5/26/1998 - All Six Operators join forces to get the County's Lawsuit thrown out of court. 

6/7/1998 - Suffolk Transit considers cutting the S110 because of low ridership, the route has ten runs which is down from 12 runs when the route debuted.

1999 - Suffolk Transit third Non Gillig Phantom order when they order forty-two Orion 05.504's, they also retire most of their 1987 Gillig Phantoms 

2000 - Suffolk Transit orders Six Gillig Phantom 35TB102's with Suburban configuration for their S110 route, however due to a Gillig phantom burning down before it could be transferred to from one operator to another one bus was sent to that operator and didn't serve on the S110 until 2011, also Suffolk Transit's last bus order with Detroit Diesel Engines. Suffolk Transit expands the 3D from Smith Haven Mall to SUNY Stony Brook

6/8/2000 - A Suffolk Transit bus was involved in a deadly accident in Brentwood.
2001- Suffolk Transit celebrates its Twenty year anniversary.
5/20/2001 - Suffolk Transit creates a new route called the S71, which would travel between SUNY Stony Brook and Shirley, they also expand the service hours on the S1, S40, S45, S54, 3A and 3B
11/23/2001 - A Suffolk Transit bus was involved in a deadly accident in Mastic Beach
2/2002 - Suffolk Transit raises their fare, for the first time in about ten years, from $1.50 to $1.75 because of Suffolk County budget problems

7/2002 - Suffolk Transit resins the fare increase and the fare is brought back down to $1.50

10/1/2002 - Suffolk Transit starts a new fare for High School and College Students, the fare for them is $1.00. The full fare is still $1.50, Senior & Handicap Fare is still $0.50, and Transfers are still $0.25 

4/14/2003 - Suffolk Transit stops accepting New York City Tokens
6/3/2003 - Suffolk changes their transfer system from using paper transfers to Farebox Generated Transfers

7/14/2003 - Suffolk Transit extends the 5A to Port Jefferson Station, while eliminating some areas that lack ridership. Due to the extension of the 5A, Suffolk Transit had to eliminate the S62's 3 eastbound and 4 westbound trips on North Country Road because the 5A would be traveling the same way.
5/1/2004 - Suffolk Transit sets up a Reservation Telephone Number for SCAT 

10/4/2004 - Suffolk Transit extends the S71 so it can serve the recently relocated Brookhaven Town Hall in Farmingville

11/22/2004 - Suffolk Transit changes the time for the first trip of the day for the 10C leaving East Hampton
2005 - Suffolk Transit orders fifty-nine Gillig Phantom 35TB102's to replace the rest of their 1987 Gillig Phantoms, all of their 1991 Gillig Phantoms, and all their 1993 Flexible Metro D 30096's, First Bus order with Cummins Engines

5/31/2005- Suffolk Transit extends the S71 so it can service the Long Island State Veterans Home in Stony Brook on certain trips

6/27/2005 - Suffolk Transit extends the 7B so it can service the Conifer Village Senior Apartments and the Brookhaven Professional Medical Park in East Patchouge on certain trips     

10/17/2005 - Suffolk Transit creates a new route called the S76, which travels between Port Jefferson Station and Stony Brook Village

10/24/2005 - Suffolk Transit extends the 8A so it can service John Wesley Village III in Riverhead

11/7/2005 - Suffolk Transit changes part of the 7E route in Mastic
7/19/2006  - A Suffolk Transit bus was involved in a accident in East Islip.

4/27/2011 - While under repair at a distributor for Detroit Diesel, Gillig Phantom Suburban #2003 was destroyed in a fire at the distributor’s facility.

6/17/2011 - Suffolk Transit raises the fare $0.50 on the S92 and 10C  from $1.50 to $2.00, to pay for Sunday Service on those two routes.

7/3/2011 - Sunday Service starts on the S92 and 10C and will last to September 10, 2011.

5/1/2012 - A system wide fare increase goes into effect, the base fare is now $2.00 for all routes except the S92 and 10C. The base fare for the S92 and 10C is now $2.25.

10/7/2012 - Sunday Service ends on the S92 and 10C.

3/6/2013 - Suffolk County holds a hearing on increasing the SCAT fare from $3.00 to $4.00.

3/7/2013 - Suffolk County holds a hearing on increasing the SCAT fare from $3.00 to $4.00.

5/15/2013 - Fare raise for SCAT riders goes into effect, the SCAT fare is now $4.00.

5/23/2013 - Sunday Service starts on the S92 and 10C.

10/10/2013 - Suffolk Transit starts their own Twitter Page @SCTBusInfo

12/10/2013 - Due to snow all Suffolk Transit routes are experiencing 10 minute delays.

1/2/2014 - Delays are expected on all Suffolk Transit routes due to the weather. The S60,S61,S62, and 5A  is using their snow routes. No Service to either Mather or St Charles Hospitals on the the S60 and S61, they are staying on Main street to Port Jefferson Village. The S60 runs will start and end at Coram Plaza, no service to Gordon Heights.  The S62 will be staying on NYS 25A, no service to North Wading River Road or Hulse Landing Road. The 5A will stay on NYS 25A from Port Jefferson to Rocky Point.

1/3/2014 - All Suffolk Transit service starts at 9:00. Due to the weather delays are expected.

1/5/2014 - Year round Sunday Service starts on the S1,S33,S40,S41,S54,S58,S66,S92,3D, and 10C. The routes will be using their Saturday Schedules.

1/6/2014 - Suffolk Transit adds an additional run, the first run now Originates from Rocky Point and goes to Port Jefferson Shopping Plaza, weekdays only, at 7:00. They also extend the first 5A run to Middle Island now originates from the Port Jefferson Shopping Plaza, instead of the Rocky Point Shopping Plaza, weekdays only. The run still originates from Rocky Point Shopping Plaza on Saturdays. They also add a later run leaving the Port Jefferson Shopping Center at 6:25 and ending at Rocky Point Shopping Plaza during the weekdays. The added service had been lobby for by Brookhaven Town Supervisor Ed Romaine and  Brookhaven Town Council District 2 Councilwoman Jane Bonner. All Changes are to help the community of Sound Beach.

1/10/2014 - Delays are expected on all Suffolk Transit routes due to the weather conditions. The S60,S61, and 5A are using their Snow Routes. All S60 runs to start and end at Coram Homestead Village. Both S60 and S61 are unable to go into Port Jefferson Village so Port Jefferson Shopping Plaza is last stop.

1/21/2014 - Because of Winter Storm Herclules all Suffolk Transit service will be suspended at 6:00. The S92’s last run from Orient Point to East Hampton was 3:35pm, and the last run from East Hampton to Greenport was 5:10pm

1/22/2014 - Suffolk Transit Service started at 8:00. The S60,S61,S62, and 5A are using their snow routes. The S60 and S61 weren’t going north of the Port Jefferson Railroad station. Later on in the day the S60 had stopped using it’s snow route.

1/23/2014 -  Several Routes are running late because of Icy road conditions. The S62 and 5A are on their Snow routes. The 5A returns to it’s regular route starting with the 9:05 and 10:05 runs.

1/29/2014 -  Several Routes are running with delays because of Icy conditions. The S60,S61,S62, and 5A are running on their snow routes. The 5A can not go into the Brookwood Village because the roads are unplowed and Icy.

4/8/2014 - A bus was involved in an accident while in service on a Southbound  S63 in North Patchouge


4/9/2014 - A bus was involved in accident while in service near the Great South Bay Shopping Center in Babylon